Anglo-Filles Episode 31: Television Necromancy

Welcome to Episode 31, wherein Les Filles discuss TV shows that keep. coming. back. We discuss some other stuff, too.

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Daredevil is on netflix!

The AVClub’s reviews of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Daredevil.

Kat Chow’s article on Dong from Kimmy Schmidt.

Twin Peaks in coming back! David Lynch is in! No he’s not, and the whole thing has been scrapped! No, it’s still happening but without David Lynch! I AM VERY TIRED.

X-Files is coming back for six episodes! None of us remember mythology episodes, but we all remember flukeman. Ah, Flukeman.

Beauty and the Beast, with Emma Watson, Dan Stevens (ptooey), Emma Thompson, Audra MacDonald, Ian McKellen, and announced just prior to posting but after recording, Ewan MacGregor!

Brows Held High did a La Belle et La Bete recently, too.

Look it’s Hot!Aladdin!

Jungle Book musical- reviews are not great.

NBC’s next live musical performance will be The Wiz

Fox is remaking Rocky Horror. No, no one knows why.

Fox is also planning a live Grease. Still, why?

Netflix is rebooting Full House. WHY. NO.

Join us next month for a topic yet to be determined!


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6 Responses to Anglo-Filles Episode 31: Television Necromancy

  1. Sabra

    Feel free to judge me for this “please bring it back request”–honestly, I judge me–but, I’d love to see the 1991 version of Dark Shadows start back up again. Now, I’ve watched the black and white, which…lol…but, I grew up watching the 1991 version on Sci-Fi, along with the Friday the 13th the series, so it holds as special place in my heart. Honestly, it couldn’t be worse than the movie (at least I’d hope not)…

  2. Hi Les Filles,

    I regret to say that I’ve been too busy to catch up with A.F. Episodes lately (I havent listened to episodes 27 or 30 yet), and had this update not happened I would’ve posted this comment on Episode 25 where you talked about inaccuracies. Thank you for presenting me with not only a new episode but also a more appropriately up-to-date spot.

    I’ve just started watching DAREDEVIL, and now I’m on to episode four. I know that it’s pretty unlikely that any of you (or any of my fellow listeners, for that matter) are learning Chinese, but on the off chance that one of you are, DO NOT LISTEN TO THE CHINESE SPOKEN IN THIS SHOW AS ANY KIND OF INDICATION OR REFERENCE IN WHICH THE LANGUAGE IS SPOKEN. Madam Gao for instance is supposed to be a formidable foe of Daredevil’s (and I hear he couldn’t hope to best her in a fight), but whenever she opens her mouth I just want to laugh — she sounds like she only phonetically memorized her Chinese lines five minutes before shooting. [Bilingual Bonus: In episode one during the WE DON’T SPEAK HIS NAME meeting, the actor who was the Shawshank warden said he was cold, and Madam Gao said something that wasn’t sub-titled nor translated by someone else at the spot, as far as i could tell she said “Your hands are always soaked in blood, of course they’ll feel cold.”] I asked for feed back on a Chinese movie forum and no one could identify her accent as an actual Thing and all found it stupid and frustrating: they did so many other aspects of the show so well, can’t they have hired someone to dub the Chinese lines or something?

    And now I’ve reached the part where the Brothers are furious with Kingpin’s lackey and went to visit that one guy who survived Daredevil in the hospital; I’m enjoying it very much since I don’t speak a word of the language, but still, considering the s&@t I went through with the so-called Chinese, I hope you’ll have better luck with the spoken Russian, Alina. :-\

  3. ETA

    *I asked for feedback on a Chinese movie forum…

    *I’m enjoying it very much since I don’t speak a word of the language and I only need to look at the subtitles, but still…

  4. Clearly there is only one show that truly needs a reboot…


    Also, in similar Lazarus-and-then-dead-again news, Silent Hills was just canceled. WOE. (I’m convinced at this point that Konami is run by a random number generator locked behind a steel door, and someone threw the key into the ocean.)

  5. AmberKB

    Hm. The first thing that popped into my head as far as a revival of a show was Stargate: Atlantis. I loved that show, and wanted to know what happened after they got Atlantis to earth. What happened to my favorite Aliens? What happened to the people who lived on Atlantis? What about the people left behind in the Peagusus galaxy?

    • Alina

      Ah, Stargate. I consider myself a pretty big fan, but I couldn’t stick with Universe, left it about halfway through.

      I don’t know that I need them to resurrect Atlantis specifically, but I’ll always be there to at least give a new Stargate show a chance.