Anglo-Filles Episode 62: Potpourri-tangent-palooza 5

Welcome to episode 62, in which Les Filles discuss various topics, from recent news to a recent movie release. We also hear about Redheadedgirl’s pre-Edinburgh vacation experience (no lackluster tour guide shall go unroasted) and recommend our most recent TV/streaming discoveries. Mostly, we miss being together.

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The movie we’re talking about is Murder on the Orient Express with Kenneth Brannagh. Other versions include the 1974 with Albert Finney and the 2010 with David Suchet.

Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma is on Crunchyroll and if you’re into cooking, battle anime, and a more literal (but PG-13) interpretation of “food porn”, then check it out.

The Big Family Cooking Showdown is something to watch if you like The Great British Bake Off and Nadiya. If you’re outside the UK, it may be on Netflix.

The Good Place is currently airing its second season, but the first may be available on your local streaming service.

P.S. Alina’s headset has finally put her, itself, and you, dear listeners, out of its misery and broke for good. A new one is in the mail and hopefully brings better quality with it.

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One Response to Anglo-Filles Episode 62: Potpourri-tangent-palooza 5

  1. Redcrow

    The Suchet’s series occasionally had the unnecessary chases too. Granted, those don’t tend go for minutes and minutes, but I used to be very annoyed by them (and still a bit annoyed when I watch reruns and they happen).