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Anglo-Filles Episode 3: CONSTANT VIGILANCE

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Fake Geek Girls are A Problem, according to Tony Harris. We think he and people who think like him are full of shit.

Anita Sarkeesian and Feminist Frequency. Also a link to her (closed) kickstarter, Tropes Versus Women in Video Games.

The #onereasonwhy hashtag on Twitter, talking about why there are fewer women in the gaming industry than men.

Entertainment Software Association’s 2012 Stats on game players.

Dad gives Link a sex change for his Zelda playing daughter.

The Hawkeye Initiative, Escher Girls, Boobs don’t work that way.

Gamer Mama!

A Rennerful Romance Novel review at Smart Bitches. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Star Trek trailer!

James Gunn’s past comes back to haunt him.

All sort of Hobbit-full news! Interview with peter Jackson, in which he touches on the Tolkien Estate having some issue with the movies.

The Enclyclopedia of Arda, for all your fake geeking needs.

Stephen Colbert’s Best Week Ever: The Pundit: or Colbert and Back Again

Alina’s Tech Rec: MusicBee is a great iTunes alternative – for Android phone users who need desktop software that syncs with their phone and just for anyone who doesn’t want to use iTunes. It can import iTunes and Windows Media Player libraries, making switching easy. (Note: iTunes does not DRM protect music.) It has all the features you’d want in a robust digital music library software, such as tag management and downloading album information, and it can be used to subscribe to and organize podcasts (such as this one, hint hint).

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