Anglo-Filles Episode 66: May the seventh be with you

Welcome to episode 66, which is three days late. (“But, Alina, isn’t this the April episode?” “I SAID THREE DAYS LATE.”) I promise it was worth the wait, as we’re once again joined by Cleolinda Jones! Today, we’re talking about the Star Wars films and murder bears that live in Cleo’s phone.

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Here’s the link to Cleolinda’s live-tweet of her epic “watch the entire series in chronological order” project.

Here are the SF Debris specials looking at George Lucas’s journey to make the films: the original trilogy and the prequel trilogy.

And, as we wandered briefly into the topic, here is a collection of F/F and transgender romances, here’s a Twitter thread to check out.

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  1. Redcrow

    Yesssss, Cleolinda guest-stars again!!! Hurray!!!

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