Anglo-Filles Episode 32: You do not need an art degree to appreciate leopard-print pants

Welcome to episode 32, in which Les Filles decide to class up the joint and talk about art, about which—us being us—we have many opinions. And also, dead bodies.

(We do not have dead bodies, we talk about dead bodies. For art reasons.)

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The Smart Bitches crew was at the Romantic Times BookLovers’ Convention! Click here to listen to the podcast.

Note: some images will be links to larger versions.

Alina went to the Art Gallery of Ontario!


Where she caught the last day of the Basquiat exhibit Now’s the Time. Here are a few pieces:


basquiat number 4

basquiat chinese new year

basquiat natchez

basquiat with cat

Lt Robert McClure (painted by Cornelius Krieghoff) knew how to explore the arctic in style!

Waterhouse’s The Lady of Shalott instantly transformed Alina in a 16-year-old girl

The beautiful Marchesa Casati

Massacre of the Innocents aka the one Alina didn’t see

Henry Moore’s statues

Kent by Chuck Close

Picasso’s Women of Algiers sells for $179M.

We bet you a five-year-old finger-painted this

Lucretia, with the blood and not a “wine stain”

The Spanish Knight

Click here to listen to the Stuff You Missed In History Class episode on the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum heist.

Greece Rules Out Suing British Museum Over Elgin Marbles” (The New York Times, May 14, 2015)

Marina Abramovic and Ulay during the Artist is Present.

Burke and Hare, graverobbers.

Jeremy Bentham, the preserved philosopher.

Click here to view some of Cindy Sherman’s film stills.

Ivan the Terrible Kills His Son (by Ilya Repin)

Winged Assyrian Bulls

The Diego Rivera fresco is a very large image, but the Wikipedia entry has a picture and a close-up of Lenin.


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2 Responses to Anglo-Filles Episode 32: You do not need an art degree to appreciate leopard-print pants

  1. Kayleigh’s rant about Damian Hirst reminds me of our resident “artist” here in Washington, Dale Chihuly. Of course, while pretty much every “Chihuly” that’s been created in the last thirty years was done by his students, at least he has an excuse – he’s blind in one eye and dislocated a shoulder, which makes glass-blowing a bit difficult. Still, I don’t often see credit given to the folks who actually make the art, as they’re all called Chihulies.

  2. Sabra

    I saw this last time I was at the National Gallery of Art in D.C. It caught and kept my attention for quite a bit…