REPOST Anglo-Filles Episode 13: Oh my god it effing rhymes

Greetings, listeners! Fear not, a proper episode is still coming to you in February, for we have many, many thoughts about the Olympics and some of them are even about topics other than the ranking order of Olympic figure skaters’ behinds.

Meanwhile, Hannibal season 2 has a premier date of February 28th. The fannibals are preparing to feast, the only question is will you be a dinner guest or will you be dinner?

You have 2 weeks to catch up on season 1, and to help convince you that you should, here is the episode we recorded last October with the ever-gracious Cleolinda as our guest.

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Season 2 trailers!

Casting news:
Cynthia Nixon is Kade Purnell
Michael Pitt is Mason Verger
Katharine Isabelle is Margot Verger

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One Response to REPOST Anglo-Filles Episode 13: Oh my god it effing rhymes

  1. David W.

    Dear Ladies,

    This had been a truly thrilling audio experience, thank you so much for recording this podcast. I was alerted of this place’s existence after listening to Ian & Fio’s AMatterOfTaste podcast on Hannibal Rising; it’s a brilliant place as well so if you haven’t listened to their Hannibal-related podcasts yet I strongly advice y’all to try it now.