Anglo-Filles Episode 13: Oh my god it effing rhymes

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! It’s our one year anniversary, and we are kermit flailing to welcome back Cleolinda Jones to talk about all things Hannibal. We just kermit flail in general, actually.

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This month’s sacrificial avocado:

The Sacrificial Avocado

We didn’t want to take any chances.

If you are still on the fence about watching, here is a review that tells you why this is a fantastic show.

How to watch Hannibal:

Korean Promo, complete with sparkles:

Production Designer article. Amazing amount of detail.

Janice Poon’s blog, the food of Hannibal. Spoilers and recipes and gorgeous, gorgeous pictures.

Will Graham Has a Nice Day and nothing he eats is people.

Crack vid

Gag reel

Carpets for Airports. Look, it can’t be explained, it can only be experienced.


Breaking news while we were recording! Charlie Hunnam cancelled the apocolypse and dropped out fo the 50 Shades movie. Somewhere, Rob Pattinson is raising a glass.

Our Senior ComicCon Correspoendent: PpyaJunebug livetumblred the Hannibal panels at San Diego Comic Con.

Hannibal Flower Pictures! We love this cast and crew SO. MUCH.

Thank you so much for listening to us ramble on for a whole year! Can’t wait to see what the next year brings us!

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One Response to Anglo-Filles Episode 13: Oh my god it effing rhymes

  1. David W.

    I couldn’t stop giggling when the ladies discussed Will’s doggies and said the priceless things like “The little one, with the underbite!” “With the teeth!” “Her bio said Daddy won’t but me braces. 🙁 ”

    My family has a dog and we used to tease him about his uneven teeeh as well, happy memories indeed.