Anglo-Filles Episode 1: Better Than Braveheart

The newest member of the Made of Fail family of geekitude!

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First, I have to apologize for the quality of the sound- I’m still learning this, but I know what the problem was and I will fix it for next time.  Sorry, sorry, so very sorry.

Don’t explain the joke:  we are three geek girls who come from three different English speaking areas of the world–Canada, Scotland, and the US.  So Anglo = English and Filles = girls (only in French) and we all have a fascination with the British Royal family.

Reidan can be found at @redheadedgirl on Twitter, reviewing romance novels at Smart Bitches Trash Books and frequently commenting on Mark Does Stuff. You can also follow her Roman Feast research and shenanignas at


Alina can be found at @LJMysticOwl on Twitter. She’s a writer on Galilea and has reviewed her re-read of A Game of Thrones at Second Time Around

Kayleigh can be found @ceildhann on Twitter, and reviewing books at The Book Lantern and The Sparkle Project.

Warning: Shady Moose up to No Good



Max Frei’s The Stranger, Alina’s favorite Russian urban fantasy (now in a spiffy new English translation!), is something we are going to discuss in the next show.  You can purchase it from Amazon or other fine retailers.

Shakespeare’s Wife

The Ancient Guide to Modern Life

Supersizers Eat Ancient Rome:

Alina’s “Tech Stuff” recommendation for the episode: BeyondPod Podcast Manager for Android  It can sync with your Google Reader account, you can pre-download episodes or stream them, and arrange episodes of various podcasts into a playlist so there’s no need to browse to them one by one.

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