Anglo-Filles Episode 2: Basically we blame Disney for everything.

Welcome to episode 2! We say things.

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Kayleigh got into her Master’s Program at the University of Edinbrugh!

Reidan passed the Massachusetts bar exam and is looking for a big girl lawyer job!

Good things to come out this endless election cycle:
Is Nate Silver a Witch?
and the trending twitter topic “Drunk Nate Silver.” “Drunk Nate Silver does not say ‘Call Me Maybe’, he know precisely where and when.”

Movies we discussed in a fairly non-spoilery manner:
Cloud Atlas
and Skyfall

Also mentioned: Toronto International Film Festival, Dredd, Looper, Premium Rush, Lincoln.

Disney buys Lucasfilm, everyone waits to see what fresh hell this might mean.

Proposals for Star Wars directors:

Episode VII

Episode VIII

Episode IX

Release dates we are demanding (and someone should get on): Whedon’s Much Ado, DVDs for the Tennant/Tate Much Ado, and the Hiddleston Hollow Crown.

Russian Fantasy Books we discussed:
The Stranger
Night Watch
, The Master and Margarita

The Star article on online sex ed

One Direction fanfic article

Alina’s Tech Rec: Firefox Sync (and Google Chrome’s account sing-in feature) – first and foremost, it’s a simple way to bring your desktop bookmarks to your smartphone or tablet (or to a second computer). It can also be a simple way to get your bookmarks back if, say, your computer’s problems pissed you off so much that you did a fresh install of Windows without backing anything up so then your wife had to show you that you can use your smartphone and Sync to get at least your browser back the way it was and that’s only because she sync’ed it for you in the first place. You know, as an example.

With a Special Guest Appearance by Kayleigh’s mom.

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