Anglo-Filles Episode 12: Potpourri-tangent-palooza

This is episode 12, which means we’ve been talking your ears off about girl-geekery for a year. We had a bunch of topics that weren’t involved enough for a whole show, so this is a GRAB BAG EPISODE. Warning: expect tangents.

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The Liberal Democrats of Great Britain are discussing fanfiction. Google for more about this story at your own risk.

Hugo updates: You can see the voting stats breakdown of the Hugo Awards here.

Best Fan Writer went to Tansy Raynor Robertsk, who is awesome. You should read her stuff on feminism and gender roles in SF/F. Mark Oshiro is still the fan writer of OUR HEARTS.

Seanan McGuire (along with Cathrynne Valente, Elizabeth Bear, Paul Cornell, and Lynne Thomas) won Best Fan Cast for SF Squeecast. (And then, because they’ve won two years in a row, they announced they are withdrawing from further consideration, because they are classy as hell.)

In Other Seanan News, her October Daye Series has been optioned for TV development. Yay!

Other podcasts we listen to, and you should too:

Welcome to Night Vale

Stuff Mom Never Told You

TechStuff and other How Stuff Works podcasts.

A Matter of Taste.

Fucking While Feminist

Dear Bitches Smart Authors Romance Podcast

Masters of Carpentry.

NPR’s Popculture Happy Hour

This is a linkBBC Radio 5 Film Reviews

TV On the Internet

Did you know screenwriters are being actively taught not to pass the Bechdel Test? They are.

The Methadone List, Reidan and Maya (our Senior ComicCon Correspondent) watch tv shows while we wait out the Hannibal HeAteUs. Currently, they are watching Orphan Black, which is awesome. This has been on hold a little bit while Maya has been in France and Reidan’s life exploded.

The Hollow Crown– the Beeb does Shakespeare’s Richard II, Henry IV Part 1, Henry IV Part 2, and Henry V. Airing on PBS in the US starting Sept 20th, and Region 1 DVDs available on Sept 17th (no, this does not make a lot of sense, but here we are). The UK got these ages ago, and by all accounts, it is wonderful.

Kayleigh has been watching The Bridge, an American show that is a version of the Swedish/Danish version called “Bron” in Sweden and “Broen” in Demark, and the UK will be remaking with France but that will be called “Tunnel.”

There are Emmy Nominations. Creative Arts awards happened inbetween recording and posting, and our Queen, Cat Deeley is again an Emmy loser. WE LOVE YOU CAT. Primetime Awards are on Sept 22nd, and Hannibal and Tatiana Maslany was snubbed so we’re mad.

Alina did not make it out to TIFF (shuuuun, shuuuun), but her friend Peter did. Click here to read his TIFF report. Thank you, Peter!

12 Years a Slave Press Conference:

The Congress Trailer

TV premier dates

Sleepy Hollow: Sept 16
Downton Abbey (in the UK) Sept 22 (In the US: Jan 4th)
Elementary Sept 26th (Clyde is a shameless Diva)
Person of Interest, Agents of SHIELD: Sept 24
Hawaii 5-0: Sept 27th
Murdoch Mysteries: Sept 30
Arrow: Oct 9th
Reign: Oct 17th
The Tomorrow People: Oct 9th
Dracula: Oct 25th
Grimm: Oct 25th
Almost Human: Nov 4th
Parks and Rec: Sept 26th
Community: ????? (Oct 19 in our hearts)
Once Upon a Time: Sept 29th
The Blacklist: Sept 23rd

Ben Affleck is your new Batman. A lot of people are cranky about this.

We have actors for the 50 Shades of Grey movie, and a lot of fans aren’t happy about that, either, and launched a petition to get them replaced. (Of course, Charlie Hunnam once famously said he wouldn’t take a role just for the paycheck, but… come on, Charlie.)

Queen JK is doing the script for a NEW POTTERVERSE MOVIE OMG.

Alina has read The Casual Vacancy and The Cuckoo’s Calling, and thinks you should too.

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