Anglo-Filles Episode 11: You didn’t complain when Watson was a mouse

Sorry this episode is later than usual- we originally recorded a week later than we’d normal do, thanks to nutty schedules, and then the Podcast Gods were angry about something, so we rescheduled, and an avocado was sacrificed, and WE’RE BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER.

Sherlock Holmes has been a part of the cultural consciousness since his inception, and Les Filles discuss (with varying levels of squee) several of them.

(There are spoilers for the end of Elementary at around the 1h45min to 1h55min mark. Proceed at your own risk.)

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First things first: Kayleigh has spent the month at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival reviewing many many many shows for The Skinny!

There was also a guy who dressed up as Predator outside a Starbucks everyday. The Skinny gave him Six Stars (out of five).

On to the Holmes of it all!

Watson’s Wives (Reidan thinks he has a bit of a Cartwright Curse problem. Alina and Kayleigh have no idea what that means.)

Arthur Conan Doyle and an Ontario Ghost problem

The Basil Rathbone Era (1939 – 1946)

Russian Holmes (1979 – 1986) You can even get them on Amazon!

Russian Holmes comes complete with pimp cane:

(You can find many, many, many screen caps on Alina’s Tumblr

The Great Mouse Detective (1986)

Best Villain Song ever:

Jeremy Brett Series (1984 – 1994)

The Guy Ritchie movies (2009, 2011)

Sherlock (2010 – )

Moffat’s “revelation” on Irene Adler.

The Blind Banker and Sherlock’s problem with race.

Elementary (2012 – )

Credits inspired by The Great Mouse Detective

Jonny Lee Miller and his approach to Holmes.

Joan Watson is not impressed with your shit, Sherlock.

EVERYONE’S FAVORITE TORTOISE! CLYDE! (It’s okay, the Elementary writers have said that Clyde is being taken case of by Mrs. Hudson while Joan and Sherlock are in London.) (They know what we like.)

Various adaptations with Sherlock as a cat: Surprisingly accurate

Hannimentary: It’s a thing. It’s a glorious thing.

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One Response to Anglo-Filles Episode 11: You didn’t complain when Watson was a mouse

  1. David W.

    I loved The Great Mouse Detective to pieces, even though the Scottish accent was too much for the little me to understand. Like I said before, I’m puzzled that Disney did not spin sequels or TV series out of this film, and at the same time relieve that they did not ruin this film in any way like that.

    As for the racist stuff in Sherlock and the Guy Richie movies, I agree that it’s ridiculous that they couldn’t get things right in the 21st Century, but personally I would actually give Guy Richie a small pass when he had Holmes dress up as a Chinaman in the beginning of A Game of Shadows. Because 1. Holmes’s makeup didn’t fool any of the thugs, it was meant to be pathetic on his part, he was lucky that his martial arts was still enough to save his skin; 2. Though the film was made in 2010/2011 the setting of the story was still in the “original” Victorian age, and his disguise wasn’t *that* far away from the actual ways in which the Qing Dynasty subjects dressed themselves, even when they’re scraping a living overseas. I know because I’ve read a small share of books on my country’s history.

    But the “Chinese Tong” in TBB… just no.