Anglo-Filles Episode 6: Austenpalooza 2013

Welcome to episode 6, where we talk about ALL THINGS JANE AUSTEN.

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The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, an on-line vlog adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. We talk about it for a long time, and there are some legitimate criticisms, including Courtney Milan’s Tumblr. (Courtney is a romance author and also a lawyer type person, and we love her.)

Austenland! Book and The Movie.

ITV did a whole thing of Austen adaptations in the late 2000’s:
Sense and Sensibility (Excellent)
Emma (Excellent)
Persuasion (Good)
Mansfield Park (It’s Mansfield Park, it’s still dull)
Northanger Abbey (EXCELLENT)

Lost In Austen – well produced self-insert fanfic and what happens when someone who knows the story ends up in the story and promptly accidentally starts fucking everything up.

The Jane Austen Book Club.

The weird Austen + monstersgenre: Good Reads list including Pride and Platypus, which is basically Kayleigh-bait (she’ll report back). Also a post-apocalyptic version of Persuasion, For Darkness Shows the Stars.

Other things:

Only 11% of Stitcher’s top 100 podcasts are hosted by women, from the NPR Fresh Air tumblr, which is one of the reasons we started this podcast. Other podcasts hosted by women: Made of Fail’s own Strangers From the Internet , Stuff You Missed in History Class, Stuff Mom Never Told You, Fucking While Feminist*, Dear Bitches, Smart Author Podcast* and Grammar Girl.

*Full disclosure: Fucking While Feminist is my roommate’s podcast, and I am the WORST ROOMMATE EVER because I completely forgot to mention it during the show. WORST. ROOMMATE. EVER. (I also forgot to mention Dear Bitches, Smart Authors, which is the romance novel podcast with Sarah from Smart Bitches and Jane from Dear Author, but THAT ONE IS NOT RECORDED IN MY DINING ROOM.)

Kickstarter campaigns! Kevin (exec Producer, founder, all around god of the Made of Fail universe) has started the Morbacon Theater company, because he had some spare time to kill or something, and they are running a kickstarter for their first production: Terry Pratchett’s Wyrd Sisters. Help Morbacon out!

There’s gonna be a fan-supported Veronica Mars Movie! They made their goal within ten hours, but more money mean more brooding and smoldering (possibly in space).

Brian Fuller has stated that he is “looking into” the possibility of a fan supported Pushing Daises movie. There is nothing beyond that, but watch the internets for more detail.

Stoker was released in limited release on march 1st
Hannibal premieres on NBC on April 4th (but if you follow Kayleigh on twitter, you knew that)
Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing is being released on June 7th, and since we have been agitating for a release date since November, we’re totally taking credit for this. YOU ARE WELCOME.

Alina’s Tech Rec: Google Reader is soon to be no more! How could Google betray us like this? As we pick up the broken pieces of our RSS feeds, we ask ourselves one question, “Where do we go from here?” My answer is: It’s not ideal, but after trying out several alternatives, Feedly is the one I think I’m going to stick with. I was looking for something web-based, like GR was, but Feedly also has iPhone and Android mobile apps. It should be noted that are many options out there. FeedBooster was another that caught my eye. You can also check out this post from How-To Geek for their sizable list of recommendations (note that FeedDemon, second on that list, is also closing down)

Also includes special appearances from Kayleigh’s mum, dad, and allegedly the dog was there the whole time.

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