Anglo-Filles Episode 22: Potpourri-tangent-palooza 2: Electric Boogaloo

Welcome to episode 22, where Les Filles talk about Sports (real and e), the Mary Sue, tartans, Snowpiercer, Game of Thrones, American Gods, the Supreme Court of the United States, and some douchebag named Robin Thicke.

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Esport tournament didn’t want to allow women to play. They have since reversed themselves.

World Cup:

Tim Howard, US Goalie and Secretary of Defense:

(President Obama did say in response to a White House petition to give Howard the job that it was filled, but if an opening occurs, he will consider it.)

Wimboldon’s men’s singles final happened while we recorded, and it was a good time to remember our fave celebrity ship, which celebrates it’s 1 year anniversary today: Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butler.

The Tour de France’s first stage happened! ….in Yorkshire. We don’t even know.

The Commonwealth Games are coming to Glasgow! The Scottish team uniforms are….a thing. A tartan clad thing.

Kayleigh’s tumblr post on the changes at The Mary Sue.

Starz is developing Neil Gaiman’s American Gods with Bryan Fuller. (He has assured us this does not affect Hannibal).

Penny Dreadful has wrapped up, as has Game of Thrones.

Snowpiercer is finally out in the US (much to Alina’s dismay, not yet in Canada). That is a link to US screening locations (including the Historic Brattle Theater in Harvard Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Prepare to self-medicate after it’s over.

Speaking of self-medication, the US Supreme Court ruled that closely-held corporations have religious freedoms and can use those freedoms to infringe on other people’s (usually women and minorities) rights, because that’s America. We have some things to say about that.

So does Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, aka The Notorious RBG. You can buy a shirt here.

And then Robin Thicke is a creepy, threatening asshole, but his album shaming his ex-wife to get back with him is flopping, so there’s that.

We will be back next month with a new topic and a special guest! Happy summer, stay cool!


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3 Responses to Anglo-Filles Episode 22: Potpourri-tangent-palooza 2: Electric Boogaloo

  1. Germany 7 : 1 Brazil

    … …

    (This might be a tad bit tasteless, comsidering what I’m spoofing here, but—)
    So, is Rio burning?

    (More specific comment to come; so much to talk about…)

  2. David W.

    Did you see Cleo’s latest journal update?

  3. TN

    While a number of the changes to the Mary Sue are concerning, I did like the fact that they included an article stating that they’ll be writing more science-related pieces, while clearly defining what they consider to be actual science reporting; none of this false balance nonsense I see from a lot of other places. But I’m not always a consistent reader of the website so I can’t be sure if that’s been put into practice.

    Looking now, it doesn’t look as if the actual content of the site has changed much all that much (again I can’t be sure). Pity about how bland the layout is now, though.

    I really want to see Snowpiercer now, thankfully my university movie theatre has told everyone that if no other place in town shows the movie they’re going to try their best to play it. They’re so wonderful.

    Nothing much else to say but that I really like the podcast, thanks for taking the time and effort to make it!