Anglo-Filles Episode 46: Our Childhoods Are Alive and Kicking

Welcome to episode 46, wherein Les Filles reminisce about the books, TV, and movies that made these girls go geek. News out of ComicCon was discussed briefly, Ghostbusters was reviewed emotionally, and, rest assured, Pokemon Go was played throughout the recording, albeit silently. Not so silent were a laptop fan (it’s was hot!) and a nose-blowing husband.


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Maya, who joined us on episode 25, went to SDCC and did not pull any punches.

Kids get the best adventure books: Tomek Wilmowski; The Boxcar Children; A Wrinkle in Time.

The best place to indulge your Sweet Valley High nostalgia (or curiousity), Shannon’s Sweet Valley Blog

Mads Mikkelsen with a moominplushie. I want it.

Maid Marian and Her Merry Men


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4 Responses to Anglo-Filles Episode 46: Our Childhoods Are Alive and Kicking

  1. Redcrow

    Alina, do you know that there was a Sweet Valley High radio adaptation in Russia? Somewhere after USSR stopped existing, I think. Several episodes, probably not a proper radioplay, because there never were any reruns. The only thing I can remember about it is that everything was super depressing, characters kept dying left and right. I discovered the books themselves *much* later – thanks to Smart Bitches Trashy Books, believe or not.

    Disney Channel Russia occasionally still shows Duck Tales, Darkwing Duck etc. Last year I’ve got to watch the banned-in-USA episode of DD, and I’m pretty sure I *did* see it before, in my relative childhood.

    • Alina

      I had no idea about the Russian SVH. I wonder what that was like, I can’t really imagine an American high school in a Russian setting. I did watch the Disney cartoons on Russian TV, but when I think of the theme songs, I remember them in English.

      • Redcrow

        Not that kind of adaptation, sorry for being unclear. Инсценировка, not, like, “Normal Russian town, normal Russian school, twins Lisa and Zhenya Polevy, their older brother Stepan, an oligarch’s spoiled daughter Lilya, local jerk Boris ets.” The setting was the exactly the same.

  2. Miska

    In Finland Moomins are everywhere.
    They are hiding in your closets.
    They watch you when you sleep.
    They have infiltrated schools and workplaces.
    Soon they will make their move. None of us are safe.

    No but seriously, you could write so much about this. There are sayings about Moomins (when someone’s a bit odd they don’t have all their Moomins in the Valley). Everybody has Moomin mugs and clothes and whatnot. The characters have become these sort of archetypes: the ex-president got called Moominmamma in the press a lot & as a teenager I was told by an adult that I needed to be “more of a Little My” (no thanks, Team Snufkin here).
    They are DEEP in the culture is what I’m saying.

    And there’s a cool theme park in Naantali.