Anglo-Filles Episode 45: Potpourri-tangent-palooza 4: The Smorgasbord

Welcome to episode 45, in which one of the Filles went to Sweden, another survived the Brexit referendum, and the third lives in blissfully boring Canada. Also discussed are the Tonys and summer movie releases.

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The view from our air b&b, jarnstorg, Gamla Stan. #SmartBitchesinSweden

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Saffron and honey ice cream. I make good choices. #SmartBitchesinSweden

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Click here to see a review of the documentary Secrets of Great British Castles, hopefully available on Netflix or other streaming services to all of our listeners.

There’s no shortage of articles on Brexit and its consequences and probably most people’s local media is covering it, too. Comments and let us know what your local coverage looks like, we’d love to know!

Canada is taking the first of baby steps to fix its somewhat broken system with the electoral reform committee.

You do not need our help to Google for photos of Alexander Skarsgard (umlauts are the first casualties of laziness), but here are some favourites:


And as a bonus, a still from Love & Friendship. Aren’t these costumes gorgeous?


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