Anglo-Filles Episode 44: A Rhapsody in Two Parts

Welcome to episode 44. In part 1, it’s Russia versus Ukraine as we discuss the results of Eurovision 2016! In part 2, it’s Iron Man versus Captain America, Batman versus Superman, les Filles versus cinematic superhero fatigue!

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Eurovision in a nutshell, “Love Love Peace Peace”

Bulgaria’s entry, “If Love Was A Crime” performed by Poli Genova

Belgium’s entry, “What’s The Pressure” performed by Laura Tesoro

The winning song from Ukraine, “1944” performed by Jamala

Australia’s entry, “Sound Of Silence” performed by Dami Im

Russia’s entry, “You Are The Only One” performed by Sergey Lazarev

All three “Suicide Squad” trailers in one video

Harley Quinn Movie in the Works at Warner Bros. With Margot Robbie

At the time of recording, the Agents of SHIELD finale had not yet aired. Also, the news about new leadership for the DCEU (their cinematic universe) had not yet come out.

Shonda Rhimes Is Working On A Romeo And Juliet TV Sequel


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4 Responses to Anglo-Filles Episode 44: A Rhapsody in Two Parts

  1. Redcrow

    The “new leadership for the DCEU” link doesn’t work.

  2. Terra

    I’m surprised we’re not getting a Harley/Ivy or Gotham City Sirens movie given how popular that comic series has generally been. Although it might have something to do with the use of Selena on Gotham?

    I want a Question movie. Either with Renee Montoya and Vic Sage buddy cop/mentor thing or with Renee Montoya and Kate Kane but I will never get either of them because we’re not allowed to have nice things.