Anglo-Filles Episode 28: The Unbearable Whiteness of Being

Welcome to episode 28, where Les Filles discuss with varying degrees of rage about the awards season, the Oscar nominations, idiots who use phones in movie theaters, and Kayleigh’s abridged soliloquy on Bradley Cooper, bastion of cis white male privilege.

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Gillian Anderson on The Nerdist

Apparently Hannibal won’t air until summer, but there’s lots in the spring to keep you amused.

Golden Globes Nominees and Winners

Mark Reads 50 Shades of Grey

Jamie Dornan Godwins himself.

Academy Award Nominees

Academy demographics chart– 93% white, 77% male.

Pop Culture Happy Hour did an episode on Selma and on accuracy in movies.

Ana DuVernay Rolling Stone interview

New York Book Review and accuracy in The Imitation Game.

Penny Dreadful trailer


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9 Responses to Anglo-Filles Episode 28: The Unbearable Whiteness of Being

  1. Redcrow

    When I click the link it tells me “this page can’t be found”.

  2. socky

    Hi guys, none of the links seem to be working.

  3. redheadedgirl

    It’s fixed now! Sorry for the technical difficulties!

  4. socky

    Hm, your commentary on Rosamund Pike made me uncomfortable–can’t you just criticise the (kinda ill-fitting) dress rather than say things like ‘she’s clearly breast-feeding,’ as if there’s something wrong with seeing an obviously post-baby body? Why should she have to cover that up?

    • redheadedgirl

      What I meant (and did not express clearly, which is on me) was that that particular dress was not designed for the bust line she currently has, and did not look good at all. There’s a difference between “covering up” and “well-fitting” and that dress did not fit well.

      But I do apologize for not being clear and having my words come out like an unnecessary attack.

  5. Am downloading this episode as I’m typing this, thank you for fixing the links. Would write a more formal ‘review’ for this (and for previous episodes) later, but there’s one thing from episode 26 that I think I should address now: Nearing the end, Kayleigh mentioned that Big Hero 6 trounced Interstellar on the box office, the way she spoke implied that she didn’t think too highly of the latter, and then she said she shouldn’t say any more because rabid Nolan fans are scary. Surely the last part was in jest because Kayleigh never did have a habit of backing off from bullies (I got that from Goodreads mostly), but I personally felt very, well, upset that she expressed dislike (not surprising in itself, it was quite a polarizing film, I myself have mixed feelings about it although I don’t regret paying for tickets in IMAX) but then cut short on the whys and left me hanging. I have a thin hide when it comes to arguments or even listening to others argue, but I’ve come to a point where so long as the person presents her points then I would listen and go over them, even if I ultimately don’t take her side at all. I listen to a movie reviewing podcast called Now Playing where three panelists per episode go through a film and in the end they’d cast votes, green arrows for Recommend and red ones for Not Recommend. My aforementioned thin hide got put under test when they unanimously Not-Recommended Batman: Mask of The Phantasm. While I don’t find that one as The Best Batman Film Ever like some fans do, I still see it a good piece of animation work, and three red arrows were really quite a blow to my view on things. But later I went through their complaints and reasons and realized that they were nearly all fair points, it’s just that they never factored as too negative when I think of the film. So back to Anglo-Filles, I would really, really appreciate it if there would be fewer incidents of presenting an opinion without following it up even a little bit with supporting stuff. Your podcast has always been awesome to me (I’m still trying to figure out what y’all had been saying back in episode 1, lol) and despite some things making me cringe a little, frankly I don’t think I’d have it any other way. 🙂

  6. (i only have the time to type the most pressing matters, sorry)

    1) circa 45min. — Why the derision for Robert Duvall? :-/ Sure his performance isn’t enough to win an Oscar, but I feel his nomination was pretty well deserved. Also — next time the Oscars or some other award gets so White or anti-LGBT or something, why not just devise a “shadow” nomination list which includes none of the official contestants? That way you could get realy creative and inclusive.


    3) I think watching “Secretary” instead of *Censored!* is a grand idea, but if I may be so bold I have an even better proposition: why not watch another film that premiered on Valentine’s Day, like the one from twenty-four years ago whose source material involved the female protagonist discovering a valentine in a garage near a pickled head in a jar?