Anglo-Filles Episode 4: Not everyone wants to live in a Hobbit Hole, Peter Jackson

We welcome the lovely Cleolinda Jones for her movie mania and awards seasons awareness and add her accent to our collection.

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This episode we discuss the awards season, our predictions for the Oscars and SAG awards, the Golden Globes and how gif friendly they were, and we go off on a few tangents. Well, some. Well, a lot. This is a long ass episode.

Some of out favorite Golden Globes Gifs:

Tommy Lee Jones Smiles Like This:

Leo Had a Dream His Life Would Be So Much Different:

Amy Poelher finds her rebound man:

Drunk Glenn Close

SAG nominations

Oscar Nominations

A write-in vote for Affleck as Best Director:

Music from Looper

Beasts of the Southern Wild and the Golden GLobes

Best Animated Short Fresh Guacamole:

Documentaries: Queen of Versailles and Searching for Sugar Man

Upcoming shows and movies we are excited about: Stoker , Hannibal, Hansel and Gretel, Witch Hunters (in 3D)

Alina’s Tech Rec:
Calibre ebook management: Possibly the best ebook management software available right now.* First thing first: it’s free; no ads, no trials, just out there for your ebooking needs. It features a versatile tagging system, the ability to download metainfo (including covers), a robust format conversation system, it can be used to sync your ebook collection to virtually any ereaders and smartphone, and supports third-party plug-ins for virtually any need that the default software fails to fulfill (e.g., syncing to your Goodreads shelf).

*Absolutely no research was done to substantiate this claim

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