Anglo-Filles Episode 9: Incredibly Candy Colored, Extremely Depressing

We are super stoked (like, SUPER STOKED) to have been joined by Hugo Nominated author Seanan McGuire to talk about women in Speculative Fiction, misogyny in the world and out of it, and swearing!

(It almost made up for the sadness of not having Kayleigh this episode. Almost, but not quite.) In important news, the Anglofilles are thrilled that NBC came to the conclusion that renewing Hannibal was the right thing to do, and we will be doing an episode on Hannibal in the fall.

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Seanan McGuire has written a LOT of urban fantasy, and you can follow her on Twitter at @seananmcguire, on tumblr at seananmcguire, on livejournal at, and her website is here. You can also find her under her pen name of Mira Grant, where she writes horror, zombies, bloggers, and parasitic tapeworms.


The first book of the October Daye series: Rosemary and Rue
The first book of the InCryptid Series: Discount Armageddon
The Kindle Serial: Indexing
First book in the Newsflesh trilogy: Feed
And her hardcover Parasite due out on October 29th.

Science Fiction Writers of America Bulletin: Mike Resnick and Barry Malzberg dialogue sparks internet shitstorm!

This linkspam has a scan of one of the Dialogues in question, in which they double down and accuse everyone of censoring them.

Jim C. Hines does a Roundup of people who have some things to say to Resnick and Malzberg (it’s nice how all these authors are keeping LJ going, yeah?)

Cover flips! Maureen Johnson comes up with what covers would look like if classic books had been written by authors of the opposite gender. It’s hysterical and awesome and painfully true.

Jim C Hines tries to contort himself into ways that women are contorted in many SF/F covers.

Revisiting a techrec from January: Calibre e-reader management software: Possibly the best ebook management software available right now.* First thing first: it’s free; no ads, no trials, just out there for your ebooking needs. It features a versatile tagging system, the ability to download metainfo (including covers), a robust format conversation system, it can be used to sync your ebook collection to virtually any ereaders and smartphone, and supports third-party plug-ins for virtually any need that the default software fails to fulfill (e.g., syncing to your Goodreads shelf).

*Absolutely no research was done to substantiate this claim

Other authors we talked about: The Labyrinths of Echo, Anne McCaffery, Robin McKinnley, Diane Wynne Jones, Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, Mercedes Lackey, Tanya Huff, Elizabeth Bear, Catherine Valenti. There are a TON of female SF/F writers we didn’t get to mention, so leave your favorite in the comments!

Special thanks to Seanan for joining us! Happy reading!


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8 Responses to Anglo-Filles Episode 9: Incredibly Candy Colored, Extremely Depressing

  1. David W.

    I just finished listening to this episode, it was a very educating ride because I’ve never heard of any of the books or stories you ladies have talked about, and yet it turns out there’s still one tiny bit where I could offer some concrit:

    (on 1:38:45)
    — “[‘Truth will out’] is in fact an accurate British idiom, it is not a typo, only not American.”

    — “Do Americans not use it though?”
    … …

    Too much info about books I haven’t heard of literally made me sleepy, for which I apologize, but I woke up immediately when Seanan McGuire mentioned the anecdote about the time she may or may not made a typo on a book cover which she had no hand in in the first place. I deal with English typos on a weekly basis when I type out and check for mistakes in a very lengthly HP fanfiction which I’ve been translating from Chinese to English, and a lot of times I find some stupid typo after I’d emailed a new chapter to my friends out there, which makes me want to curl up and whimper. I thought “Truth will out” sounded familiar, and then it hit me: I first read about it in Ted Tally’s screenplay for Silence of the Lambs, it’s in one of the deleted scenes which made their way into the DVD’s deleted scenes: It was when Crawford talked to a Dr Danielson of Johns Hopkins, as per Lecter’s suggestion to check the hospitals that offer sex-change for rejected violent criminals; the doctor wasn’t very eager, but Crawford half-persuaded, half-threatened him into reconsidering. And then came the phone call from that universe’s FBI Director (and there was a three-way phonec all that included Paul Krendler as well: “Jack, why the heck didn’t you tell the Senator about Lecter’s offer?” — “Because I wanted to avoid her doing exactly this.” — “Well, meanwhile Memphis is in my charge.” — “May God have mercy on your soul, Paul.”). If anything, the deleted scene showed me that the featureless corridor in which Jack had that phone call in the finished film (“Jack, Hannibal Lecter’s being transferred to Memphis.” — “Transferred?!” — “Did you have some trainee make some sort of phoney offer to him in the Senator’s name?” … ) was in fact Johns Hopkins and not Quantico.

    Here are excerpts from the script:

    (after the doctor forbade the FBI from going through the application papers)
    Look… search your own records, if you prefer. You can do it a lot faster than us, anyway. If we find Buffalo Bill through your information, I’ll suppress it. Nobody has to know this hospital cooperated.

    I doubt that the FBI or any other government agency can keep a secret, Mr. Crawford. Truth will out… and then what? Will you give Johns Hopkins a new identity? Put a big pair of sunglasses on this building, and a funny nose?

    If it’s not too much trouble, please tell Seanan McGuire about this; I reckon she’d like to know how utterly vindicated she turned out to be about this (plus the fact that the picky guy doesn’t own a SotL DVD), and that the book cover she’d framed on her wall isn’t misprinted at all.

    [And a brief reply that you’ve seen this wouldn’t go amiss, either. Thanx]

    • Alina

      Funny how the various things we talk on this podcast end up being connected. It all comes back to Hannibal! Thanks for letting us know.

  2. David W.

    Cleolinda stated (Half-jokingly?) that “Alabama is the center of the universe”, but perhaps the three (because H.R. does not exist, just like the ex-leaders Jones, Aaronson and Rutherford) Hannibal lecter novels really do have a much heavier existance in the world of literature and pop culture than we’d expected. πŸ˜‰

  3. CC

    I’ve been mainlining these podcasts in reverse order b/c i think it’s funny when things are said like, haha Reign will only last for 2 eps before getting cancelled, so i can smugly from “the future” say no, haha right back, it got renewed.

    Also, i think i heard correctly, but did Seanan really swallow a tapeworm for research purposes? b/c if so, that is AWESOME! πŸ˜€ Also, i wouldn’t mind listening to 8 hours of her talking about the black death, if she ever feels like making a podcast.

    • Alina

      It’s been a while since I re-listened to this one, I remember Seanan talking about getting a tapeworm, I don’t think she actually swallowed one.

      She does co-host a podcast: SF Squeecast Not sure if any of its episode are specifically about the black death, but it’s Seanan, I’m sure she’s found ways to talk about it!