Anglo-Filles Episode 36: Potpourri-tangent-palooza 3: The Tangenting

We wrap up our third year of podcasting with a between-guests palate cleanser, presenting a grab-bag of topics: Mads Mikkelsen at Fan Expo Canada; the latest buzz from TIFF; Benedict Cumberbatch’s failed attempts at a Boston Accent; Tom Hiddleston’s allegedly successful attempt to a southern one; and Tom Hardy’s apparently successful attempt at playing two people at once, neither of whom loved dogs (one presumes).

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‘Hannibal’ is subverting everything we know about male relationships by Aja Romano for The Daily Dot.

The storify of Alina’s FanExpo experience, mostly comprised of the Mads Mikkelsen Q&A.

Best Time Ever With Neil Patrick Harris

Jaja Vankova and Alex Freaking Wong perform on So You Think You Can Dance

Trailers for films in the order in which we spoke about them:

The Black Mass

The Program

Women He’s Undressed

The Dressmaker

The Spotlight

I Saw the Light


The trailer for the Dragon Age Inquisition final DLC: Trespasser

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries!

And here’s the link to the first Phryne Fisher novel, Cocaine Blues, on Amazon.

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